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Donny Di Maria-Tattoo Nero Fluido Studio whit TattooDefender
Donatella Di maria
Via provinciale 70
61025 Osteria nuova di montelabbate

tel. kontaktowy: +378 393477603581
adres e-mail: nerofluidotattoo@gmail.com

O nas

Donny Di Maria Polyhedral artist arrives at the art world early, after academic studies. It takes its first steps in prestigious exhibitions where it is noted for the use of alternative supports, mostly derived from waste materials. Over time, the desire for ever more extreme support leads her to pursue her stylistic research in the field of tattoos. The skin immediately proves to be a much more vibrant base than the simple canvas and stimulates it to a close and pressing search for the achievement of full technical mastery. In short, the acquisition of full virtuosity in the context of a hyper-realistic style leads her to the realization of works characterized by an intense expressive component. The expression then gradually fades to suggestions that go beyond the metaphysical with increasingly complex subjects, characterized by the use of metaphors and allegories derived from the latest trends in Pop Surrealism. Introspective and complex, the artist is constantly engaged in the elaboration of original forms and subjects, through a constant stylistic research that, while looking at tradition, winks at futuristic themes and images.


Donatella Di Maria

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