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Luca Carraro with the Tattoo Defender group
Wild boys tattoo
tel. kontaktowy: +48 393405544962
adres e-mail: info.wildboystattoo@gmail.com


Luca Carraro

I approached the Tattoo world as a child and remained fascinated. After quitting the studies of graphic designers, having always wanted to reach this world as a goal, I attended for four years individual courses of painting techniques and copy from life at "Studio 13 of Maestro Lodi" teacher at the Academy of Venice. After gaining some experience working at the Trap Tattoo in Piove di Sacco (Venice) for 5 years I decided to open my own studio.I attended several seminars both online and in the studio, for example by Matteo Pasqualin, Filip Leu, Mullner Csaba and I attended the Worldwide Tattoo Conference, an experience that has helped me a lot. The country where my studio is located, Mirano (VE), still has a "standard" mentality so it is difficult, working alone, to have the possibility to realize what I like, considering that the style I prefer and on which I I would like to concentrate is realism in black and white. Although the study is fine, I am eager to increase the quality of my work, to compare myself with other tattoo artists, approaching different subjects and receive new work stimuli, proposing myself as a guest spot.
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